My Project 52

Like most everyone else, each new year causes me to reassess my abilities, interests and mettle, and I eventually select a few goals to help me better myself. A typical Jaena goal is to increase the number of books I read each year. I didn’t quite reach my 2012 goal of 50 books, but I’m aiming for 60 books this year. When I fail, I like to one-up myself the next go-round.

Pa's 26-year-old camera
My grandpa’s 26-year-old camera, purchased when I was born.

However, I’d like 2013 to be a little different. I want to cultivate new skills and interests, hence the title of this post: My Project 52.

I read about Project 52 on Photojojo’s Tumblr post, “7 Photo Projects to Start on January 1st.”

Project 52 may basically be a photographic week-in-review. The Photojojo folks described it as “A jumping off point if you’re a newbie looking for photographic goal this year.”

Perfect. I need to test the waters before I tackle Project 365. Baby steps.

Although tonight is the eve of my first Project 52 post, I can’t yet share what my theme will be, if any. Nor can I share whether I will only use my Canon PowerShot G12 or just my Samsung Galaxy Nexus. With so many possibilities, I expect to change my mind often in the first few weeks.

I hope I can figure it out by tomorrow night.

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