Project 52 – Week 5

Five weeks into the year, and I am seriously slipping. At least, that’s how I feel, but I am also nursing a cold and my head is clouded with mucus and sinus pressure. Anyway, moving on. A very belated Project 52 post.


Photo 1: This was my idea of proper attire for Super Bowl XLVII: a literary tee with appropriate accessories. I paired my “Alice in Wonderland” shirt with my watch necklace. So clever, right? (I own far too many T-shirts from Out of Print clothing. In fact, I’m wearing this one as I write this post.) Anyway, Super Bowl Sunday was a bit of a bust. I never get too enthused about the day, and I was even less excited because my husband dragged me to a party. It’s one thing to suffer through a football game in the comfort of your own home, and quite another to do so in a virtual stranger’s house. The commercials were not very entertaining either. Most were sexist or just dumb. The only one I liked was by GoPro:

And only because it involved a chunky baby, and gave me ideas. We actually have a GoPro camera, and now I’m trying to devise ways to strap it to my cats.

Photo 2: The Super Bowl party was also a housewarming party, so we visited Ikea to hunt for a gift. We found one, but by then we were running out of time and didn’t want to make an extra trip for wrapping paper or a bag. The mystery candy wrapper was my idea.

Photo 3: And finally, my favorite photo from the three. I clothed my new Mac Book Pro with my now customary Batman vinyl. Thank goodness for Etsy. My former black Macbook sported a white version of this sticker.

It was a rather dull week at home. Work was more exciting, but I’m not at liberty to write about that just yet.

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