Project 52 – Week 6


Photo 1: This past Saturday, I was socialI actually went out to brunch with a bunch of friends from college. Between Peruvian food, mimosas and good conversations, I remembered how nice it is to socialize once in a while. Afterward, a few of us drove over to Fort Point, right underneath the Golden Gate Bridge. For the first time ever, it was open! This first photo was taken when we first walked into the fort.

Photo 2: An obligatory photo of the bridge. It was a gorgeous sunny January day.

Photo 3: Taken from on top of Fort Point, looking southwest. It was pretty neat to see where cannons once were fired, and to see the rifle holes in the wall.

Photo 4: Almost the entire fort was open to the public, and each section had various exhibits displaying what life was like for soldiers stationed there: real straw beds, rations, the fort hospital and kitchen.

It turned out to be a pretty educational day. I’ve visited Fort Point before, but the actual fort was always closed.

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