Project 52 – Week 7


Look at me! I’m posting early. Pat, pat, pat. On my back. I have a wee bit of downtime right now, although I have plenty of things to do. But this is important. Extremely so.

Photo 1: We’ll call this my materialistic week. The first photo is my new hot air balloon charm. Isn’t it adorable? I love the rainbow colors, and it opens up to reveal a delicate little bird. I can’t help but feel sunny and free when I wear it.

Photo 2: Anyone who knows me is aware that I am a sucker for whimsy. Riffling through my closet will reveal a number of ditsy floral prints and animal prints, from foxes and kitties, to birds, elephants and balloons. I also own far too many literary T-shirts. T-shirts in general, really. Some day I’ll catalogue my T-shirts on this blog. Now, that would be quite a project. This is my current favorite shirt, featuring a smug llama and bright red hot air balloons against a cobalt blue backdrop. It is a visually striking combination, but to be frank, I bought it for the llama.

Photo 3: Another new charm. I took advantage of a recent sale on Fossil charms; I bought two for myself and one for a friend’s upcoming birthday. I can’t post that one, lest she actually read this post. It was rather fortuitous that I received these charms in time for Valentine’s Day. It also happened to be George Ferris’ 154th birthday, so I wore this in his honor. The little ferris wheel actually spins!

Photo 4: I never put much stock in Valentine’s Day, but I do enjoy any opportunity to show my love for friends and family. I usually send out valentines, but the valentines went the way of Christmas cards this year. Too many things going on. I may send them out at random for the rest of the year though. Valentine’s Day is usually pretty low-key in the Cabrera-Saunders household. Just as last year, we packed some dessert (RED VELVET CHEESECAKE!) and went on a long evening drive. This year we headed north. North Bay is a bit odd to us. The cities are so spread out, and we were often surrounded by darkness.

Oh! David did surprise me this year though. He delivered red tulips to my office and we had lunch together.

All in all, Week 7 was pretty lovely. I am sorry to see it go. At least I can pretend to prolong it Presidents Day.

2 thoughts on “Project 52 – Week 7

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