“Another day, another Doug.”

Work, work, work.

It’s the main aspect of my life that gets me through the days. I like to think that’s a good thing, that I enjoy my job that much. It’s the first time in a very long time that I’ve been able to express that and mean it.

I am a librarian.

I spend my days answering questions, finding resources, and offering fun and educational programming to the community. It’s the community work that makes the job most satisfying. I help people with a wide variety of asks:

  • job searches and applications
  • housing
  • taxes
  • immigration
  • basic computer skills
  • resumes
  • readers’ advisory
  • research projects
  • digital devices
  • and so much more

The public library has a lot to offer everyone who walks through its doors. And everything is free.

My job also allows me to be creative in a way that wasn’t possible at my old office. I run a monthly arts and crafts night with a different project every month. Sometimes they’re themed. For example, for Christmas we made Filipino parols, and for Asian Pacific American Heritage month, we made beeswax sushi candles. I’ve also made cultural programs available, from Build Your Own Halo-halo to ancient Filipino calligraphy. And my biggest success to date, Transcribing Herstory: Contemporary Filipinx Voices.

This post started out with me feeling the monotony of work, but I just reminded myself why I find it so fulfilling and enjoyable. Good job, me.


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