Merci beaucoup

I am back in my regular San Francisco groove after traipsing across London and Paris for a week. It was my first time in both cities, so I did the typical tourist things, as seen below.

It was a wonderful trip, and each city has its own special flavor. Paris, however, was really special. I loved walking throughout the city to each site on our list, taking in the people and the architecture.

And the food! So rich and decadent.

In Paris, I had coffee with author and illustrator Kate Gavino, and asked her what it was like to be a POC expatriate. We spoke about the language and how our efforts were perceived. My fumbling French consisted of a lot of mumbled words: “Parlezvous anglais?,” “bonjour,” and “merci beacoup.”

Overall, I ate too much, spent too much money, and walked too much. I wouldn’t trade it for anything.

Still, even with my exciting surroundings, I found myself thinking of someone and wishing I could share some of my experiences with him.

But my therapist reminded me I’m just remembering part of him, and not the whole picture. The fact that he’s immature and inexperienced, for example. That he doesn’t know how to compromise.

Anyway, quick little post. I’m leaving for Ireland in less than two weeks. More to come then!

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