Green thumb

I go through intense and obsessive shopping periods.

I’ll get stuck on a particular store or item, and spend all my money there or on several iterations of the same thing.

Right now, it’s plants. All kinds of plants. Succulents, ferns, fig trees, monsteras, etc.

My collection currently includes:

  • 3 monsteras
  • 1 fig tree
  • 3 Echeveria succulents
  • 1 snake plant
  • 1 hoya heart
  • 2 donkey’s tails (one propagated from the original)
  • 1 Maranta prayer plant
  • 1 rattlesnake plant
  • 1 red Bromeliad
  • 1 hedgehog aloe
  • 1 red nerve plant
  • 1 Sampaguita plant
  • 1 Satin Silver Pothos
  • 1 bunny ears cactus
  • 1 dark jewel orchid

How they all survive in my apartment, I have no idea. (Well, I keep two on my desk at work.)

I spend my Sunday mornings tending to them. That is my watering schedule. I fertilize, water and drain each pot individually in an effort to avoid root rot and over-watering.

So far, every plant is thriving, as far as I can tell. The monsteras and fig tree are growing more drastically than I expected; all of them have sprouted 2-3 new stalks and leaves since I acquired them.

It’s become a rather soothing hobby. I check on new growth and soil saturation daily, and try to keep the larger leafed plants dust-free.

I jokingly told a friend that I take better care of my plants than my cat. But it’s probably true. From my experience, plants require more care than a cat.

Gizmo is just happy with her litter box, water fountain and food bowl; she’s fairly independent otherwise. Lately she’s been angling for a lot more attention, but that’s perhaps another post for another day.

In all honesty, I may care more about my plants than anything else right now. I derive so much pleasure from caring for them, and every sign of new growth is so exciting.

They have also been stimulating for my mind. I’m learning how to properly fertilize them now, and eventually I’ll move on to propagation. I’d like to start gifting people with homegrown plants one day.

Anyway, enjoy a few photos of my plants.

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