Gravel angels, dinosaur brawls and wrestling.

‘Cause that’s how we roll.


Watching Family Guy episodes right now.

I feel slightly better.

But I am still tired.

However, the cousin insisted on making a huge pot of coffee, which he subsequently drank in its entirety. Almost.

I had a few gulps.

Also, I received a phone call from Uy. He asked me if I thought there were people in this world who were born evil. Inherently bad. He then proceeded to ask if I felt that people could really change.

It seems to me that our society tends to try to explain or justify the bad deeds of others. We look to their upbringing or past choices they’ve made. I cannot say if there are people who are evil and commit evil deeds simply because they can. I can be honest and say that I’ve often thought about it myself.

Auughh. I can’t get my thoughts together right now. Too tired.

I can, however, write that I very much enjoy Uy’s random calls because they typically cause me to seriously think about something.


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