Babies full of rabies.

For some reason I cannot recall if I’ve already read “Cat’s Cradle,” though I am fairly certain that I have.

I am already ridiculously amused by it.

David and I returned from Vegas at about 8 p.m. It was a pleasant trip. I am very happy.

The old fart is sleeping on my lap right now. Har.

The Big Lebowski is on.

“Sex can be a natural, zesty enterprise.”

This day, Thursday, seems to be promising. Sushi for lunch with Damo and Viveros.

Thai food in LA and a Gael Garcia Bernal movie marathon with Nancy, Kathy, and David.

And at some point I need to do laundry and pick up my bike from Donna’s house in Wilmington.


Rapid update. I will write something more substantial about Las Vegas perhaps in a day or two.

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